Is it Necessary?

When I feel down…I always have to cheer myself for you…But when you are out…I have to apologize for the things I never do… Why baby why?Always is it necessary for proving my love to you?Why baby why?Is it necessary that I have to be like you? When I want to dive in the water…... Continue Reading →


A Black Rose

What it takes to turn a red rose into black rose.. A sand full of disappointments An air of selfishness and lust Loving someone with all you have And watch them fading as dust What it takes to turn a red rose into black rose.. Tangled in roots The worm of insecurities Needing to grow... Continue Reading →

Drive to Universe

Day by Day The darkness residing in his soul.. The emptiness prevailing in her life.. Afraid of sea, unknowingly drowned into her deepness.. Afraid of lust, become his hidden desires.. Life, ocean and colors doesn't excite her anymore Death, doom and destruction does.. Beauty, money and love doesn't inspire him anyone Depth, understanding and sincerity does..... Continue Reading →

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